Dietary Supplements – Are They Worth The Hype?

You’re supposed to get all the vitamins and minerals you need from food, why would you add in a dietary supplement?

Surprisingly, most people could benefit from a supplement. Think about how often you really eat the five a day for example. A little assistance getting the right balance is not such a bad idea after all.

for everyone

At any stage of life, a supplement helps. Vitamin C helps children build optimum bone mass. And it slows the rate of bone loss which occurs with aging. Antioxidants supplements help eye health and cognitive function.

the right supplement

If you are taking something that is going to affect your body and health, you need to know that the product comes from somewhere that is credible and that they have done the research. Look for companies like Numedica supplements.

your starting point

There are loads of apps which will allow you to track how you fuel your body and by association know what it missing. If you can’t be bothered with an app, try a diary.

Supplements to fill the gaps

With your baseline set, you know where there may be potential insufficiencies and you can look for supplements which will fill the gap.

age and sex appropriate

There’s no point taking a supplement if your body can’t absorb the nutrients. Reputable manufactures have taken into account age and sex within their products. That’s why there are chewy gummy bears stuffed with vitamins.

Numedica supplements

your diet in mind

Even though you added a supplement or two, your diet still matters. You must continue to watch the holistic intake of fuel into your body. Then as you start to see the results you will know what is making the difference.